Newflash - We're Having a Facelift!

We will be closing on Sunday 19th Jan for a much needed facelift but… don’t panic. We love our world famous bar and we know you do to so please don’t worry that we’re going all steel, chrome & plastic. We would never destroy its unique traditional character and authenticity; we’re just giving it a wee bit of TLC. So what will we be doing? Well, we’re going to be…actually, why don’t you wait and see? Check back into the site from time to time for updates or, better still, why not drop in when we re-open at noon on Friday 31st Jan? We would love to see you then.

A Traditional Scottish Pub at the Heart of Edinburgh's New Town

Welcome to the Thistle Street Bar, our traditional Scottish pub in the oldest street at the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town. Here you’ll find the best that Scotland has to offer, from our draught beers and lagers and extensive whisky and gin selection.   

Grab a drink and enjoy a bit of banter with the regulars and our friendly bar team; or just relax and soak up the atmosphere of a real Scottish pub where everyone is made to feel at home…even the dug!

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