Covid Prevention Measures

Updated 13 Mar 2022

Checking in using the Check In Scotland App

Everyone must continue to check into a hospitality venue. The easiest way to do this is to use the Scottish Government Check In Scotland app which is available free on iPhone and Android. Just preload it on your phone before you arrive to save you time and aim your camera at the QR code at our door or on our tables. 

Checking in Manually

If you don’t have access to the Check In Scotland App or phone camera we can take your details manually. The details we record are your name, contact telephone number long with your arrival and departure times. Rest assured your details will not be used for marketing purposes. At the end of each day all manually recorded details are held safely under lock and key and shredded after 21 days.   

Checking out

When using the Check In Scotland app to check in you simply need to press the check-out button on the app when you leave the bar. If you checked in manually, we will record the time you leave. 

Masks and face coverings

At the Thistle, customers may now order their drinks at the bar. As a result, our bartenders come face to face with hundreds of different customers a week which means they potentially have a higher risk of catching Covid than people in many other industries. For your safety, our bar team will continue to wear face coverings on duty (which can be up to 12 hours a day), until Scottish Government guidelines allow us to dispense with them. We politely ask our customers to help protect our bar team too by wearing a mask or face covering when approaching the bar or moving around the premises. Thank you.

Hand Sanitisers

We have a wall-mounted hand sanitiser on entry and others throughout the bar.


As protocols change regularly, please keep an eye on this page for updates. Thanks again for your support.

Robert Shepherd


Thistle Street Bar

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